Finally finished Mask of The Betrayer.  Best story since Plancescape: Torment. Well worth the time. Only thing unsatisfying is Dove's fate since I truly believe in the Crusade where Akachi and Dove left off. Only if I could smash down the Wall of Faithless... Oh well, you killed The God of the Dead Murkyl, what else could you possibly want? ... Oh well... Truly a deep game, guess I'll wait until Dragon Age. Hope it wont be another Mass Effect for the masses... we'll see.

Oh, btw, my character is Lawful Good Human(F) Palladin(2)Sorceror(8)Eldritch Knight(10)Arcane Scholar(10), Pally is only for save, Black Guard is too complicated to meet his Prerequirement... (Hide6.. Oh Com on...) and level in time, in D&D I usually start with Neutral/Chaotic Good. Akachi (Faceless One) is a breeze... Bigby's Grapple and then Max Delayed Blaster Fireball xxx Meter Swarm ### whatevra... 

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