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playing neverwinter nights2 nonstop... beat the official campain 3 times, still not content. first build scorcerer/elderitch knight, second red dragon disciple/frenzy berserk, third pure druid shape-shifter wanna-be-ranger with a bow. non-casters are very boring to me. and the damn romance sucks. cant have romance with neeshka and bishop... the paladin sucks you know, "his aura always makes my skin itch"! the tiefling rogue is so damn hot. "questions questions questions, go ahead, im all horns" =D

the druid wears bardic tunic, multiclassed  =D (actually makes no sense)

the idea of druidess always sounds sexy, imaging having sex while shes shape-shifted ... jezz ... thats sick ...


just found out i misspelled chaotic, shame on me... 

and so the doodle continues ... 


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curt () 2007-08-22 15:29:55
刚看到手机短信,很久没充值不给发短信了,电信联通统统该枪毙,鞭尸,然后 raise undead 再 turn undead,最后 undeath to death

curt () 2007-08-22 15:21:08
大姐不上网喽。。。 现在还真碰不到几个人在msn上面来

curt () 2007-08-22 08:05:03
我打完了 doom3 quake4 KotOR2 neverwinter2 3遍半

obsidian 有点复兴black isle的味道,不过还差点,急切等待10月份的mask of betrayer

Rev () 2007-08-22 01:48:16
哼~ 又玩失踪~~~哼~担心你出啥事了呢~~~